Things to consider when choosing a hosting for Make a wordpress website

Things to consider when choosing a hosting for Make a wordpress website

Choosing a host for Building a website with WORDPRESS is actually a common share host. But the features Below, if there are many, it will be even better.

1. PHP

It is true that WordPress can run from PHP 5.2.4 onwards, but due to the current usage, PHP 7.0+ in WordPress’s Requirements page recommends 7.2 or higher due to new PHP versions. It is safer, faster, has more new functions, so various plug-ins. Tried to develop it to work with the new PHP version And will retire support for older PHP versions Which makes old PHP versions There is a problem to follow.

Most WordPress hosting hosting will have a version of WordPress for you to choose yourself.

2. Nginx Server

Nginx servers are data-supported and are faster and more than just the average Apache server.

3. SSL

SSL is the encryption of information that is transmitted over the web such as filling out forms. That contains information that we need to fill in such as credit card, password, taxpayer number, address, which these information can be intercepted by criminals, so Google declares that every website must use this SSL encryption, which is to make the website as https: // instead of the traditional http: //, which if we do not do it https: // Google Chrome will alert that our website is not safe. It will officially start in July 2018 and we should pay attention because Chrome is the most used browser in the world. We should find a free Let’s Encrypt SSL hosting that is free to use.In addition, any host that offers SSL should also enable HTTP / 2 capability.

4. Auto Install

Most of the automatic WordPress installs in Share Hosting are Softaculous and Inw install for Thai hosting. Each of which will be different. This is a program that allows us to install various automated web scripts including WordPress, eliminating the hassle of installing, uploading, creating databases.

5. Backup

Usually, Share Hosting and Manage WordPress Hosting already have automatic backups for us. Will differ in the frequency of backup Besides hosting backups, we should also backup our own WordPress plugins.

6. Security

There should be a security system such as a firewall that is regularly updated. This will help prevent attacks from hackers because WordPress is already a target because when it is used by many. It is indeed a target of very common attacks. Some premium grade Hosting, such as Kinsta, will have a very special Security system such as DDos Protection, Malware Scanner, Hack guarantee that fixes if the web is hacked.

7. Caching

Server-level caching helps the web get more traffic and faster. This is different from relying on PHP caching from WordPress plugins alone, which would be great if it had a server-level caching system, especially eCommerce sites or sites that use some plugins that might slow loading. There are caches like Memcached, Varnish, Redis, PHP-FPM or their own developed systems.

8.Staging site

Most of the host in Thailand don’t yet have any host to develop this system. But there are many foreign ones, which is to create a Staging site that is like cloning our website, another website to try and update themes and plugins. Before going live on the main web Or it could be used to complete the web development before it is actually published as the main website.

9. Storage

Space for storing files Each host offers different file size storage space. We are able to choose or compare many. Where we want to use or predict how big the web will be in the future You can start small, because WordPress itself is not very large. But will grow because of information such as image files And backup files are also included. For most  VPS Cloud Hosting  , we are able to upgrade space. Including the CPU And have own RAM all the time

10. Support

Support is someone who will help us when there is any problem. Usually most hosting will let us open a ticket to send us a message when there is a problem and Support will fix the problem for us. But in some places there will be a Live Chat service or even Messenger such as Line or Facebook Group in our house as well.

They usually assist with server-related issues. Therefore, it may not provide assistance in the event of WordPress customizations, which is our responsibility, and each support has different WordPress expertise, interacting and dealing with clients differently. This support is very important. Because although the host is good But if there is a problem and the support is not good, speak badly, solve the problem slowly, should consider moving the host at the end of the contract. There are many options. Don’t be afraid to change We are not god But we should also be treated appropriately.

11. Bandwidth

Or rate of traffic or Site Traffic, depending on the call Each of which will be set not the same. Share Hosting that says Unlimited if our website has a lot of people Until it uses too much CPU or Memory, our website may be suspended or paused. To the level of dismissal That is in order to maintain the public system so that other websites do not collapse with us. We should consider how much our monthly traffic is likely to be. We may also use a CDN like CloudFlare to help caching and reduce the bandwidth usage of our host.

12. Site migration

Migration is a website migration, which we can actually do ourselves with a simple plugin like All In One WP Migration, but most hosts offer a free migration service for those who want to migrate their data from their original host. Give us too


Besides Hosting, one thing that is indispensable is the  domain  that will be used as our website name to connect to Hosting that will have an IP Address such as as etc.

Usually, we can rent a domain with our host if we create a new website. Because it can be packaged into one package that is ready and automatically connected But if we move to a new host We may use separate domains and host through different service providers. Or transfer domains to other service providers as well Popular dedicated domain rental providers such as,,, etc.


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